Book 1 of plannedFive Nights Trilogy

Book 1 of planned
Five Nights Trilogy

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Publishers Weekly, USA

“Renfrey’s spellbinding fantasy adventure, set in the high-tech land of Gol, follows 13-year-old Corbin, a bullying victim spooked by his dreams, as he uses his telekinetic ability to rescue his mother after she is trapped in the Dreamstone, a crystal with the power to control nightmares.

“Meanwhile, traitorous former Gol Guard Ripho seizes the Dreamstone, kidnaps the children of Gol, recruits a ruthless army, and escapes to his fortress, Howling Mountain, to consolidate power and destroy the Dreamstone when the crimson moon next appears. With time ticking away, Corbin — who receives a little help along the way — sets out to save his mother, the Dreamstone, and the world.

“The plot builds with fast-paced twists—electro snowstorms, mind-talking, daring rescues — as the sensible hero takes control of his destiny. Chief among the book’s many strengths are its well- developed characters, who will feel familiar to readers.”

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards
(Semi finalist: top 1% of 5,000 entries)

“Wonderfully written fantasy. The originality, the flow and the artful character descriptions are indicative of a seasoned writer. The author’s ability to create so much fantasy in so few words just astounds me.

“The futuristic city with its folklore and ancient mystical creatures is tantalizing. The introduction of things of old and things that are to come are remarkably presented in rich and playful dialogue.

“It is jam-packed full of dreamstones, sinister government officials and people with paranormal powers. The author has expertly set the stage and turned up the lights for an adventure beyond anyone’s comprehension.”


Ann – This book is exciting, scary and a bit of fun: I’ve been wondering when this book would show up, after reading a few chapters in the Amazon breakthrough novel contest last year and thinking it was pretty exciting. I’ve got a room full of Grade 7’s and we’re always looking for something new to read and discuss.
This is a fast moving book in the spirit of Tolkien and Harry Potter, in it’s own unique world in the capitol of Gol, and the mysterious surrounds of the snow mountains. There are maps at the start to ‘orient’ the action, and continual action in different places,with dragons, nightmare crystals and mindtalking. The story follows 13 year old Corbin’s loss of his mother and attack of his city. There are some tough and clever girls, and other varied characters, both good and bad. There’s also some tense fighting scenes, future technology and skate/snowboarding.
(Fellow teachers -There are 38 chapters, and each would fit perfectly into a class or silent reading period. There is no swearing, and no sexual or religious undertones. It could also be used to discuss personalities, character strengths like honesty, courage and greed, and school issues like bullying.)
I recommend this book.

Linda – enjoyable for adults too:  I really enjoyed Walter Renfrey’s book and kept thinking what a great movie it would make in 3D. It’s not just for kids and I found his style very descriptive and it was easy to become absorbed.  Looking forward to the movie – I hope someone picks it up!!

Janine Burdeu – surprisingly good:  I thought this book would be sort of a poor man’s Harry Potter, and indeed it is aimed at a similar market. All I can say is my 13 year old nephew absolutely loved it and has not stopped talking about Dragon Keepers, Diamond Caves and dreamstones. Not easy buying for a 13 year old but like the Potter books it can get quite scary, however if I remember correctly so could Hans Christian Andersen. Highly commendable, it kept my nephew who normally has an attention span of a gnat, glued to my Kindle for more than a week! Bliss.

Kid’s review – adventurous: As a pre-teen girl, I enjoyed the way Walter put so much emotion & expression in to the story. I also enjoyed the way he wrote about the adventure because it made the book come to life. I recommend this book to people with a keen sense of adventure.