Five_Nights_To_The_Crimson_Moon1Action, adventure, fantasy and dragons for 10 to 12-year-old readers

Great readers start with good children’s books. And good children’s books start with action, adventure, and the greatest fantasy of them all — dragons.

Five Nights To The Crimson Moon

Developed with feedback from primary school grade sixers (middle grade), this  is the journey of 13-year-old Corbin as he confronts his worst nightmare: does he rescue his mother or save his world? And time runs out in five nights.

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Corbin endures school bullying, low self-esteem and ‘being different’. To make things worse, he accidentally causes his widowed mother to be sucked into the Dreamstone, a crystal that has incredible power over people’s nightmares.

Terror strikes when Gol is invaded by SnowLanders led by the traitor Ripho who seizes the Dreamstone, kidnaps Gol’s children as ransom against an uprising, and vanishes into the High Mountains.

Corbin’s only chance at rescuing his mother and redeeming himself is locating the Dreamstone’s creators. But how will he find long-gone legends?

A friend in the Wilderness

Forced into the wilderness, the scared city kid stumbles across the very capable 13-year-old Bridie, who burns with revenge for the loss of her family. Together, they may have what it takes to right wrongs, but time is running out.

In five nights the crimson full moon will rise, threatening the existence of the Dreamstone. As the seconds tick away, the unthinkable seems inevitable. Will Corbin and Bridie be strong enough to save themselves, his mother, their world from a nightmare fate?

What Reviews are saying

Wonderfully written fantasy. The author has expertly set the stage and turned up the lights for an adventure beyond anyone’s comprehension.” Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

Renfrey’s spellbinding fantasy adventure, follows 13-year-old Corbin, a bullying victim spooked by his dreams. The plot builds with fast-paced twists as the sensible hero takes control of his destiny.” Publishers Weekly, USA

A film script, based on the book, is now under development

Future book release dates

Book 2, 2022

Book 3, 2023